13 Jun 2020

Clearing the Orders from P.G. Models

Clearing the Orders from P.G. Models

It is now three weeks since I told everyone that P G Models would be closing, and nearly two weeks since the website closed down.  During those nine days I had 40 orders for 322 models.  My aim has been to try to clear all of these orders within a month.  So far I have completed and posted 27 orders (which is 67% of the total) with 204 model kits (which is 63%), which means that I am more or less on target.

I have two orders for Mexeflotes, which I have always made to order, so these will be the last models that I shall make up as P G Models.  I am keeping my moulds and still have plenty of metal, so I can still cast up whatever models I want for myself.

And just to remind everyone, this is why I started P G Models, so that I could make the vehicles to go on this layout.

One of the main problems with having P G Models is that this layout has taken far too long to complete, because my time has been taken up in running P G Models.  With the business now coming to a close, I can now look at adding more military trains to this layout

One thing to remember is that this Haverfordwest layout is the first model railway layout that I have ever built.  There have been some problems with the electrics, especially in the last year or so, but I am pleased that it has lasted as long as it has, and has been exhibited at a number of model railway shows.

The Haverfordwest layout has given me many hours of enjoyment.  For my second layout I am going back in time to model the railway yard that was originally used to take vehicles to and from the Castlemartin ranges, namely Pembroke, set in the period of mid to late 1960s.

Once I can close down P G Models, I want to get this railway layout completed.  The station has been made from three Ratio kits and platforms.  The huge cement silo to the right was made using two Ratio OO gauge water towers, and the oil depot, partially hidden uses some Knightwing and Ratio parts, and there’s a Ratio Cattle Dock.  The signal box to the bottom right in the photo below is made up from a Ratio kit and a Severn Models etched brass kit to make something like the signal box that was at Pembroke.  The warehouse and timber yard buildings are scratchbuilt.

What I have been finding increasingly frustrating is that this Pembroke scene has been on the go for about six months, but I just have not had the time to do anymore on it than this.  It will be nice to be able to sit back and just do this, rather than always having to make sure that any orders are processed.  It will be a chance to get back to being a model maker just for myself.

P.G. Models

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