3 Dec 2014

Pendraken Miniatures

Pendraken Miniatures


Pendraken has been in business selling figures since 1992, it initially started by selling Wild Geese Miniatures but quickly went on to start developing new ranges and creating a greater interest in 10mm wargaming. We now have close to 2000 individual figures across the different ranges with new ranges coming on line on a regular basis.

Pendraken Miniatures are the leading 10mm manufacturer in the UK, with over 3500 products spread across over 200 ranges. Based in Middlesbrough, UK, they can often be seen on the show circuit, attending 20 shows across the UK and Europe. Leon Pengilley also runs Minibits which was founded in 2010, and started life with the aim of providing all those little bits and pieces you need to get your figures onto the table. From MDF bases and Vallejo paints, through to 1-94 decals and Crossover Miniatures, there's something there for everyone!.

Pendraken Acquires Blitzkrieg Commander family of Rulesets

Pendraken Acquires Blitzkrieg Commander family of Rulesets

Slightly earlier than planned, but Pendraken Miniatures are delighted to announce that we have purchased the rights to the Blitzkrieg Commander family of rulesets from Pete Jones, including Blitzkrieg Commander, Cold War Commander and Future War Commander.

Since its launch in 2004, Blitzkrieg Commander has become the most popular ruleset for gaming WWII in 10mm scale.  Pendrakens WWII ranges are the most extensive available on the market, covering 10 nations with over 600 codes, so it made perfect sense to combine these rules with our miniatures.

Cold War Commander was launched in 2006 to cover the post-war period through to the modern day, and with our recent expansion into these areas, it will be great to have a ruleset to accompany these new ranges.

Future War Commander was the final release of the three rulesets, adding a Sci-Fi version to the family.  Pendraken have some ranges already in place, but we’d like to work on these in the coming years to really expand and complement this excellent ruleset.

The sale to Pendraken also includes the BKC website and forums as well, including the Battlegroups Online service.  For the time being, we will be keeping everything in place as it is, so people will still be able to visit the Blitzkrieg Commander website (http://www.blitzkrieg-commander.com/) and enjoy the fantastic resources and forum hosted there.

The rulesets are currently out of print, but over the coming months we will be doing some work on them in preparation for a new print run towards the second half of 2015.  Keep checking on either the BKC or Pendraken forums for more news on this as we progress.

For those wanting to purchase the rules in the meantime, we will be keeping the Lulu print-on-demand service up and running for those who are looking to get a hardcopy of any of the three rulesets.  Unfortunately the pdf versions will no longer be available through the Blitzkrieg Commander website (due to the new pdf legislation), but they will soon become available through Wargame Vault.  Again, keep an eye on either of the forums to hear more news on that.

Finally, all of us at Pendraken Miniatures would like to place on record our thanks to Pete Jones, not only for offering us the fantastic opportunity to acquire these rulesets, but also for the time and effort he has put into growing 10mm as a popular scale for gaming the 20th Century and beyond.

TB Line

We are excited to announce that we've recently purchased the rights to all of the TB Line 10mm ranges, previously owned by Aster Wargame in Italy.  All of the moulds were shipped to Pendraken HQ this past week and we'll start checking them over soon.  We'd like to thank Corrado at Aster Wargame for offering us the opportunity to buy these ranges and for all of his time during the purchase process.

Who are TB Line?
Tridente Bologna released their first 10mm ranges in 2008, starting with a range of Teutonic Knights.  Over the years they added Islamic and Eastern European opponents, plus some Mongols, as well as moving back into the Ancients period with ranges for the Punic Wars.  The ranges were unavailable for several periods of time in recent years, until 2016, when the ranges were sold to Aster Wargame in Italy and brought back into production.

How do they match up with Pendraken figures?
Very well, with only a minor difference in height among the foot figures and slightly bigger horses for the cavalry.  The horses are all separate castings which is a good thing for us as we might be able to use them in other ranges going forward.  Stylewise, they're again very similar to our newer ranges with a good level of detail on them.  The only noticeable difference so far is that the TB Line sculptor used a thicker wire for spears/javelins, which is more apparent on the web photos then on the castings.

What ranges will be available?
Republican Romans (9 codes)
Carthaginians (4 codes)
Numidian (1 code)
Iberians (4 codes)
Epirotes (1 code)
Italic (4 codes)
Gauls (4 codes)
Middle Age Europe (3 codes)
Middle Age Eastern Europe (7 codes)
Middle Ages Islam (8 codes)
Teutonics (8 codes)
Mongols (7 codes)

Pendraken Acquires Castle Arts 10mm Japanese Buildings

Pendraken Acquires Castle Arts 10mm Japanese Buildings

Who are Castle Arts?
Castle Arts manufactured a variety of products, including 10mm Japanese buildings and a range miniatures to go with them.  Alessandro recently decided to retire and his website ceased trading at the end of December.  Initially there were no plans for the ranges to continue elsewhere, so we're really happy to have been able to purchase these and keep them available.

How do they match up with Pendraken figures?
The buildings have been scaled to 1:160 we believe, so they will be a touch smaller than the buildings we produce ourselves, but we don't think the difference is enough to be noticeable.  With these being for the Samurai period it's unlikely that you'd be mixing in any of our buildings anyway, and with this range being so comprehensive, we won't need to add any extra buildings in the future.

What's available?
There are 37 buildings in total, including:
Dojo and walls
Village houses and an Inn
Shinto Temple and gate and bell
Modular Castle with walls, towers and gates
Osaka Castle
Modular fencing
Horiyuji Temple complex including a pagoda and halls
Monastery with fences and gate sections

When will they be on sale again?
These are almost all resin products so they will be getting forwarded down to John at Ironclad for him to check over.  Some of them may need new production moulds but we won't know that until they've all been checked.  We'd hope to have the first batch in production around Salute time, but we'll keep everyone updated as we progress.

Will you be changing anything?
There are no plans to change any of these models at all.

Did you buy the Castle Arts Japanese miniatures range?
We didn't buy the miniatures range, only the buildings.  Our own range could do with some work so we've decided to completely overhaul our Samurai figures with brand new sculpts and more pose variety.  This job has been scheduled for April/May/June so the new figures will be coming online around the same time as the last of the buildings comes into production.

Ancients, Carthaginian, Dacian, Gallic, Greek, Indian, Spanish,  Persian, Roman
Colonial, 2nd Anglo-Afghan War, 1879 Zulu War, 1882-1885 Sudan-Egypt, 1890's North-West Frontier, 1899-1902 Boer War, 1905 Russo-Japanese War
Dark Ages, Anglo Saxon, Arab, Norman, Norse, Picts
Fantasy, Barbarians, Dark Elves, Dragonmen, Eldritch Vampires, Goblins, High Elves, Hill Dwarves,
Lizardmen, Samurai Apes, Taurians, Undead, Wood Elves, Monsters
Inter War, 1910-20's French Foreign Legion, 1917-22 Russian Civil War, Spanish Civil War
Medieval, Mid European,  Mongols, Late European
Modern, Falklands War
Napoleonic, 1792-1797 Revolutionary War, 1809, 1812 Moscow. 1812-1815
Post War, Indo-China, Korean War, Vietnam
Renaissance, Aztecs, Early 16th C. English/Scots, Landsknechts, Elizabethan 1560-1610, 16th C. Polish, 16th C. Ottoman Turk, 16th C. Samurai, 30 Years War, English Civil War, League of Augsburg
Science Fiction, Alien Creatures, Bugs, Humans, Tripods, Zombies
World War I, Anzac, Austro-Hungarian, Belgian, British, East Africa, French, German, Italian, Middle East, Polish, Russian, Serbian, American
World War II, American, Belgian, British, Canadian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Aircraft, Sea Vessels
18th Century, Marlburian, Great Northern War, 1745 Jacobite Scots, Seven Years War, French Indian War, American War of Independence
19th Century, American Civil War, Crimean War, Fenian Raids, Franco-Mexican War, Plains War, 1st Schleswig-Holstein War, 1859 French-Italian War, 1860's Austrian, 1860's Bavarian, 1864 Danish, 1870's French, 1860's Hanoverian, 1849-1866 Italian, 1860/70's Prussian, 1866 Saxon, 1870's Wurttemberg, 1877 Russo-Turkish War, 1879-1884 War of the Pacific
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