13 Mar 2020

German Infantry from Victrix Ltd

We thought it might find it useful to see the Victrix Games 12mm German infantry that we have been working on so you can see what kind of poses and detail levels we are going for. Because of the scale fill in areas can be quite bold on the models as when at actual size the scale is so small it will not be very noticeable.

German Infantry

German Infantry picture 1

German Infantry picture 2

These first 10 figures are representative of a typical late war German infantry section all armed K98 rifles. Work is continuing on the section commander and MG42 teams. Platoon and Company Headquarters will soon be started as well as the Heavy Weapons platoon with MG42 MMGs and 81mm mortars + specialist teams such as the Panzerschrek.

We have a new sculptor on board who is now tackling the 12mm British Tommies. More of these later.

Also included in this post are images of painted samples of our 12mm Panthers and M4A3 Shermans. These were done by the very talented Ruben Torregrosa.

Painted Samples

Painted Samples picture 1

Painted Samples picture 2

Painted Samples picture 3

Painted Samples picture 4

Painted Samples picture 5

Painted Samples picture 6

Currently tooling are a Tiger I, Churchill, M10, Stuart and Puma.

Finally we are also in the process of getting 10 different sets of 12mm transfers/decals to cover German, US and British vehicles for the late war period.

Victrix Ltd

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