2 Mar 2020

Voutars from Spellcrow

This is a race of multi-eyed, mountain trolls called Voutars, whose blue-gray fur gives them a perfect camouflage among the rocks. Their red-and-orange eyes will track down every enemy.

Only Vaendral can subdue their aggression and join them to the army.


Voutars picture 1

Voutars picture 2

Colour schemes:
Skin - stone grey
Fur - blue-gray or light blue
Eyes - orange and red

Set contains 4 miniatures of Voutars and 4 bases (20mm x 20mm).
These models are in a 10mm scale. High quality resin casts, packed in red blisters.
Require cleaning and painting.

Sculpting: Marek Rurarz


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