1 Aug 2018

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Since June 5, 2011 in SPELLCROW, we create unique figurines, components and terrains for wargames and RPG.

Our team works on every element with passion, caring about details. We strive to make our customers feel the same delight as those who create it. Artists around the world work with us - from French or Spanish illustrators and sculptors to Polish and Belarusian foundry men.

We love classic models known as 'old school', but we understand how important is following the trends, which is why our offer includes references to traditional and more current projects. We create sculptures both traditionally and digitally, which in combination gives wonderful, unique models.

The same passion which we create figurines with is the philosophy of our Customer Service. We are dying to positively surprise our customers not only with products, but also with communication and quick shipping. Do you want to check it? Go to the Product Reviews tab available under the majority of products in our webstore, where customers write about our stuff and service. You may also watch plenty of reviews made by YouTubers to help you familiarise yourself with SPELLCROW.

There is no day for us without contacting stores from around the world. We want to be sure that in the future our goodies will be available to each of you. We are constantly expanding the network of distributors so that our products packed in yellow blisters could hit your hands even faster. Check the Resellers & Distributors section to find your alternative store. If there is a store in your area operating in the same industry that doesn't yet carry our stuff, don't hesitate to write to us and we will definitely contact the owner!

We are always open to suggestions from customers, which is why we are changing for the better everyday! Thanks to this, we are sure that when you hold our products in your hands, you smile. We care about the quality that we love and about the packaging. Each product is checked before packing, so we hope you're fully pleased and you can recommend it to your friends with a clear conscience.

If you're here, it means you want to know more about us, that's why we encourage you to get to know our rich history, know how it all began. We wish you great moments with our range and service and remind our motto:
'Everything starts with hobby'

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