2 Mar 2020

Shaltari Daimyo from TTCombat

The Shaltari commander is here. Have a look at this incredible model in our latest 360 spin around.

Shaltari Daimyo

Shaltari Daimyo

At first glance the Daimyo is not very well armed, 4 shots, energy 3 in CQ and nothing else is, well, poor. However, if he causes a single point of damage against a squad in a garrison, he can immediately move that squad out of the garrison into the great outside. If you have some anti-infantry weapons set up out there, well that’s just some happy coincidence I’m sure.

What’s the giant portal being erected by it’s guardians I here you ask? Well after the Daimyo has entered a building, transported the enemy out of it to their bloody deaths it can simply have the portal set up and immediately go into holding. Even if the enemy do get back in, he’ll be long gone.

The Shaltari Daimyo is now available to order on our webstore and comes with two units of Firstborns. Pick yours up today and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments!


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