8 Mar 2020

Update from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Update from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Hi, here is the update first of all I apologize to all for the lack of updates or replies. I'm sure there are quite a few people who are upset with me over this. All I can do is apologize and eventually get you models as promised. till then you will be pissed and rightfully so, I would be. I want to make it very clear that I'm still here and intend to have them done one way or another. As of the moment Production has been at a standstill for the last 2 months due to several causes. First has been my physical and mental health. Neither have been good and i've been dealing as best I can. My physical health has gotten better and I think stopping smoking has helped. I've not been suffering as badly and lungs have been doing better to save occasional asthmatic attacks. Mentally I have been struggling which is one of biggest factors in not replying sooner. have had plans to but have not been able to bring myself to. Most of this has been do to family situation and health. As many of you know I'm also a full time care worker for my 2 90 year old grandparents. I have been doing this for the last 4 years when I started this company with yak I still had more time , in the last few months their health has deteriorated as has my mother’s (she quit her job and has had a few surgery’s) I have been dealing with this and myself. This has been a priority. I apologized for putting this on the back burner, but honestly couldn’t deal . at this point they will either be going into a home or having a paid (im unpaid ) full time care worker coming in. I will be free within next week god willing to continue on the miniature. Again I apologize I burnt and hurt myself out and have needed to recover.

Further there have been some issues with printers. When I was sick resin spilled in all of them. I had to replace a few parts over this. The company we bought them from has been playing games with replacement parts. I have had to buy and install replacements second hand which I'm in the process of installing. Dude to this and several other costs. I will be selling off much of my personal collection of models in next two weeks to be sure I have money to see this through. Again I'm not running and haven’t made a penny of this . have been subsidizing with my own money. As said this will be completed even if later than planned. I hope one day for this to be a bad memory and people to again have faith.

The game plan is within the next 2-3 weeks to have everything running. within a week or two should have enough models made to send to impulse to have the rest of molds made. Due to time this seems to be a far better option then trying to get done in reasonable time myself . then I can continue at a proper pace with the remaining 28mms. If within a few months I have not made real progress and gotten 10mm I will figure out someone to get all of it done at my expenses and sell off stl rights. This is not a plan and I hope to show you faith hasn’t been misplaced.

On to the next point. again at this moment it is just me who owns and works at the company. This had begun with understanding we had two people. For personal reasons yak wanted out. As of now we don’t have multiple people, it's just me as said. Yak other then hopefully some freelance work in future doesn’t work here. He doesn’t legally own and doesn’t have control or access to stls and kickstarter and such. To the one people Please stop harassing and threatening him legally he owns and has no part of dym. It has been said and doing so over and over again is harassment. I will respond to claims of one person libeling me and why will not send him models he has yet to pay for. I don’t take kindly to being threatened and harassed for months before this hiatus with no legal bases. will be sending him a letter next week and reply to this in depth.

Over the coming week I will reply to people one by one. I will make sure to reply to all backers' messages . Again I really apologize for the extra stress and worries this has caused people. All I can do is do better and get you your models in as timely a manner as I can.

Ari Isaacs

Dancing Yak Miniatures

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