27 Mar 2020

Trial Rules from Traders Galaxy

Trial Rules - Squadrons and Platoons.

Please feel free to try out these trial rules -

Squadrons and Platoons

In Bot War some vehicles, helicopters and planes can be used in 2 ways. The first is that they can be taken singly as an individual unit. These models use the stat card as it is and operate as normal in the game. The second way is by grouping identical models together into a Squadron or a Platoon. A Platoon refers to identical ground units grouped together, and a Squadron refers to identical air units grouped together. If a model can be used in a Squadron or a Platoon, it will be listed in the Super Ability section on their stat card. In either a Platoon or a Squadron, identical models may be taken in a group of 3 or a group of 5 only. Models are taken at the start of the game as a Squadron or Platoon and will always be considered as such throughout the whole game.

The following rules apply to Squadrons or Platoons.

- For each model in the Squadron or Platoon, an additional point is added to the Strategy Rating on the stat card. For example a Snake Corp ABT has an SR2. A Platoon of 3 ABT’s will have a SR4. As models are destroyed, the SR rating will be reduced by 1 for each destroyed model in the Squadron or Platoon.

- All Squadrons or Platoons must be placed on a 3 or 5 space movement tray depending on whether 3 or 5 models are chosen.

- Once in a Squadron or a Platoon, the models will all activate as a single model on the single movement tray base. This means that the whole Squadron or Platoon will receive the same activation allocation as a single model normally would. Essentially the Squadron or Platoon is treated as a single model for the purposes of Activating, Movement, Ranged Attack or Close Attack.

- All Squadrons or Platoons have the Sustained Fire (Strafing Run) Special Rule.

- For each damage point sustained by the Squadron or Platoon, remove one model and adjust the SR rating.

- Each model in the Squadron or Platoon still contributes its full Energy Cube allocation to the faction. For example – A Platoon of 3 ABT’s generates 3 energy cubes total and still has the Efficient Special Rule.

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