Saturday, 13 February 2016

Pendraken Miniatures, Revamped WWII Vehicles

Our talented modellers have been busily working on some more revamped vehicles for our WWII range, so here's a few quick sneaky pics to whet the appetite!  (I know Mart's put some pics of these up previously, but it's always worth another look!)  We'll be getting these moulded up asap and we'll let everyone know when they become available.

After we got the Humber LRC modelled we quickly realised that our original Humber A/C was a little small!  So, we've now got this revamped version, complete with Mk II and Mk III turrets.

Humber with Mk II and Mk III turrets

Tiger I with zimmerit, in both early and late variants:

Tiger I with zimmerit, in both early and late variants



M10 Achilles, M10 Wolverine, M3 Lee and Ram Mk.II

M10 Achilles, M10 Wolverine, M3 Lee and Ram Mk.II

Pendraken Miniatures

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