8 Dec 2014

Useful Book Site Links

Useful Book Site Links

Useful Book Site Links. Wargames Rules, Army lists, Scenarios books, Wargame Magazines and Useful book sites such as Osprey Publishing, Pen and Sword Books.

ACW Gamer EzineFacebook Page
An electronic magazine for American Civil War miniature gamers.

Caliver Books
Caliver Books has thousands of titles and other goods in stock for immediate delivery. Their books cover all periods of history from 3000BC to the present day.

CHARGE! Civil War wargaming
Charge! was a digitally printed colour “fanzine” / newsletter that came with annual membership dues to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society. It usually ran between 25-30 pages and had 2-4 original scenarios for regimental-level American Civil War miniature wargaming.

Dave Lanchester Books
David Lanchester's Military books specialises in good quality military books. You may even find those rare military books and out of print items, you have been looking for. These range from ancient, medieval and renaissance periods through the Napoleonic period and into the 20th century. Added to these, there are many wargame related titles.

Fire and Fury Games - designers of wargame miniatures rules
Fire and Fury Games Battlefront WWII Regimental Civil War wargame miniatures rules

Military Books - Recommended Military Reading Lists
Recommended reading lists covering military books from all aspects of military history, war fighting, and professional military education. This months recommendation - The Gulf War Chronicles; a military history of the first war with Iraq

Miniature WargamesFacebook Page

Rapid FireFacebook Page
Wargaming Rules by Colin Rumford and Richard Marsh is a set of fast play miniatures rules which enables players to re-fight brigade-level combined arms engagements during WW II. Provides an interesting mix of supporting weapons to go with your infantry, such as artillery, aircraft and armour. Very good rule set to introduce players to World War II miniature gaming.

The Commander Series
The Commander series is three sets of fast-play tabletop wargaming rules, Blitzkrieg Commander (Spanish Civil War and World War Two, 1936-45), Cold War Commander (Modern, 1946+) and Future War Commander (The Future). Under New Ownership, The games are now owned by Pendraken Miniatures, who purchased the rights on 16th February 2015. Pete would like to thank everyone for all their support since the first version of Blitzkrieg Commander was released in April 2004. Long may you enjoy your games!

Talon GamesFacebook Page, Twitter
CAV:Strike Operations is the all-new version of the classic tabletop sci-fi mecha game for two or more players by Reaper Miniatures and developed by Talon Games

Wargames IllustratedFacebook Page
Wargames Illustrated is a magazine dedicated to miniature wargaming which is focused on historical tabletop wargames.

Warlord GamesFacebook Page, Forum

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