Thursday, 19 May 2016

Useful Wargaming Painters Links

Useful Wargaming Painters Links

Some extremely good 10mm painters if you don't fancy painting up your armies. Or don't have the time.

Kev1964 Website, Blog, Facebook, eBay, ImageShack
After Kev cleaned up in the 2014 competition, Kev was promoted to the judging team instead! His work has been seen all over the Forum, in those previous painting competitions and more recently painting up Mollinary's ECW army.

Kev1964, 10mm AWI picture 1

Kev1964, 10mm AWI picture 2

mad lemmey, Website, Blog, Facebook, eBay
Hi my name is Will and i'm living in Bedfordshire at the moment and i'm passionate about painting minis.

League of Augsburg picture 1

League of Augsburg picture 2

Toxicpixie, Website, Blog, Facebook
I provide a cheap, quick painting service to get you table top quality figures ready to roll.

Toxicpixie 10mm Ottomans picture 1

Toxicpixie 10mm Ottomans picture 2

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