2 Apr 2019

Honest Conversation Time from Traders Galaxy

Honest Conversation Time from Traders Galaxy

Honest conversation time

This Bot War group needs to grow or many more members need to engage. Now that most older sets will discontinue 30th April I really need to expand this group a lot.

With the amount of effort I am putting in, I am surprised that this group is only 374 members. Of those many are not engaged at all in the group and likely never even see the posts.

I would love to hear from all those members that have never engaged with Bot War to understand why.
But sadly they may never even see this post.

Furthermore a few of you have promoted the game in your clubs or at events however there has not been many additional people join this small community as a result. It would be great to hear your feedback from these real experiences as to why people were or were not interested

Anyway. I need to start actively growing this group now that the older sets are being discontinued.

Edit: Hmm. Just reread this and it sounds a little dramatic. It’s just a “how do I grow Bot War” post really.

Traders Galaxy

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