4 Apr 2019

BKC-IV QRS & Optional Rules from Pendraken Miniatures

BKC-IV QRS & Optional Rules from Pendraken Miniatures

Below you can find a variety of support downloads for use with the Blitzkrieg Commander IV rules.

Quick Reference Sheet

Over the years there have been a variety of house rules developed for BKC-IV, so we've compiled the most popular ones into a series of Optional Rules documents.  We'll continue to add to these over the coming weeks so keep checking back for more!

General Rules  (Includes Commanders, Static Hits, Auto-Suppression and Removing Suppressions)

Artillery & Off-Table (Includes Defensive Smoke, Final Defensive Fire, Reduced Artillery Fire-Zones and Rolling Barrage)

Deployment & Formations (Includes Hidden Deployment and Fixed Formations)

Weather & Terrain (Includes Weather, Alternative Terrain Rules, Random Terrain Generator, Command Posts, Night Fighting, Perilous Terrain and Vehicles & Blocking Roads)

Coming soon

- Armoured Riverboats
- Armoured Trains
- Civilian Refugees
- Japanese Banzai
- Mother Russia
- Resource Bases

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