3 Apr 2019

Announcement from War Banner Ltd

Announcement from War Banner Ltd

With the changing of the name War Banner because of Games Workshop thinking it sounds like Warhammer to Dark Peak Games. Today Dark Peak Games became short-lived as we have been served with a cease and desist from Peak Games (I kid you not), because of this we are not sure where we go from here on the name front.

Our current thought is to switch everything over to Footsore Miniatures and regroup which will mean the removal of this page in favour of the DPG: Footsore Miniatures page. If you aren't following us over there can we encourage you to join us?

We are going to sleep on it and try and digest everything as at the moment we are a bit shell shocked and once decided we will make an announcement. Once again sorry for all the confusion, but it really isn't of our making.

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