23 Nov 2019

Weekend Update from Traders Galaxy

Weekend Update from Traders Galaxy

Weekend Update

I don’t usually ask this so directly, however I need your help to grow the numbers in this group. I would like to hit the 1000 mark and I confess that I am not so sure I can do this by myself any time soon. Many of you have been with me from the beginning and I would certainly appreciate your help extending the reach of Bot War in the mini games community.

So please join the Traders Galaxy company page and share, like and heart the posts. Especially the posts linked to this group. Alternatively, if you have gaming mates you think would enjoy Bot War please invite them.

The painting challenge has been so awesome and i am massively pleased that we still have most of the challengers still in it. Not long to go! Keep going you are nearly there.

I have news that I will see the resin Queen and Leviathan by Wednesday next week so I should be posting those on time to preorders. There is still time to preorder those awesome massive models.

I am currently working on packaging improvements. The smaller packets will be phased out. The larger packs will be getting more colourful with the red Bot War image and logo. This is part of the move into stores.

It looks like December releases will be as follows -

Finally, delayed mirror warriors will be cast

The Builders and Destroyer!

Bot War City Set and Battlemat

Gorg and his Shark Warrior mutant army

Traders Galaxy

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