14 Nov 2019

11/13 Updated Card from Talon Games

So after literally teaching hundreds of people CAV over the summer, I took some of the feedback we received and have been updating the data cards to reflect some of those. Take a look and tell us what you think! CB

Edit: I have put up an updated version. I think this is getting pretty close to what I'm after, something in the middle of to much and not enough!

11/13 Updated Card.

A few quick notes on some of the changes. The object is to reduce clutter and make it faster to find something. It makes explaining things to new players easier and quicker without as much stuff to weed through.

-The sword/rocket icon on weapon systems are used now for direct/indirect fire. This is a simple concept that didn't need a lot of text to understand.

-The 2nd number in the RNG stat now is if the weapon has a min range.

-As noted earlier, a single number under a weapons DV column means it has same for hard and soft targets.

Talon Games

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