9 Nov 2019

Stock Clearance Sale from Pendraken Miniatures

Stock Clearance Sale from Pendraken Miniatures

Earlier this year we streamlined our show stand to make space for new product lines, resulting in some of the slower sellers being removed from the show racking.  This excess stock has been sitting at Pendraken HQ for a couple of months now so we had two options:

- Keep it here and slowly use it up as website orders came in.
- Or discount it down and give everyone a bargain!

There's a variety of historical army packs available, from Ancients through to WWII, along with a selection of WWII vehicle and artillery multipacks.  Everything on the list has been knocked down in price, with 25% off all of the army packs and over 30% off most of the vehicle multipacks.  This is purely a first-come, first-served sale so have a look through the pdf list, send us an email with the items you'd like, and we'll get them straight out to you!

Stock Clearance List:

(All of this stock is current product lines, so no older ranges or discontinued models.  The only exception is the 2 Greek army packs which will be replaced by the new range in the next few weeks)

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