23 Nov 2019

Arrowhead Miniatures Have Been Pirated

Arrowhead Miniatures Have Been Pirated

It's a risk in business for many manufacturing businesses to have your products ripped off. Thanks to a tip off by one of my German customers I found that a good chunk of my range had been pirated and recast in resin and was being sold on ebay.

When I reported it they, to their credit,closed the 'shop' down pretty quickly. But it will only be a matter of time until the ratbag starts selling them again.

I had a conversation with a sculptor, if that's the right term, who works on Shapeways with 3D printed models and he was telling me the same story.

I suppose it's a backhanded compliment that my models are good enough to be stolen in that way but it sure is aggravating especially when the individual concerned can't be touched by our laws.

Arrowhead Miniatures

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  1. Unfortunately this is a common practice that needs to be stamped out