24 Nov 2019

WWI 2 Player Box Set from Van Dyck Models

WWI 2 Player Box Set from Van Dyck Models

Coming to a tabletop, store or club near you, in 2020 WWI 2 Player Box Set from Van Dyck Models.

"Fix Bayonets!"

Belgium in 1914. the starting months of the war pitting the Belgians vs the Germans in the bloodiest conflict at the beginning of the 20th century

What Can You Expect?

-A new ruleset "Fix Bayonets
·A lot of new additions to our I9I4 range
- A 2 player set

What’s In The 2 Player Set

- Full Belgian and German 1914 army
- 2 x 2 companies of infantry
- 2 x 2 units of cavalry
- 2 x 2 machine guns
- officers
- limited edition commanders only available in the 2-player set
- Rulers
- 24 Coloured dice
- Bases

Giving you more than 370 pewter figurines to get the war between Belgium and Germany going off!

Van Dyck Models


  1. Interesting! I wish Van Dyck would concentrate on their WSS range too.

    1. I should imagine they'll get back to WSS range at some point