16 Nov 2019

For CAV KS3 Backers from Talon Games

For CAV KS3 Backers from Talon Games

For CAV KS3 Backers, we currently have 53 outstanding invoices for shipping unpaid. Most of these have not been "viewed" so I'm assuming they are going into a junk folder or a spam catcher email address.

If you backed the KS and haven't received a shipping invoice to pay, you might ought to figure out what's up fast! It's not such a big deal for US backers down the road as shipping amounts won't change, but for the rest of the world with orders going out together, shipping later separately is pretty drastic. US International mail for a Core Set starts at $91 USD (with no duties or taxes prepaid).
The list of the following 17 backers have no order on file for us to send out shipping invoices or even know what they want to do with their rewards.

Jeff Gregory
Justin Burr
John Mahaffy
Larry Shuping
Carey Delay
Ric Mohri
Steve Salotti
Michael McMillen
Roger Hooten
William V. Grand
Jeff Logan
Mark Blanchard
Kimberly Rowland
Thomas Davis
George Terry
Joseph E Blake



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