14 Nov 2019

Resistance M5 Napoleon

With this weeks restock we introduced one new unit for the Resistance. Let me introduce you to the M5 Napoleon.

M5 Napoleon

M5 Napoleon picture 1

M5 Napoleon picture 2

M5 Napoleon picture 3

The M5 Napoleon use the same hull as the M3 Alexander however it loses any attempt at subtlety and trades it all for the ability to fire lots and lots of bullets as quickly as possible.

The main Turret has the Bannisher Rotary Cannon, a dual barrelled drum fed rotary machine gun.   With 3 energy 10 shots and Strafe 2, this thing cuts through light armour, and any very, very unlucky infantry like paper.  With a Chaingun on each side, this can fire out a lot of shots very quickly.

Being based on the M3 Hull this does need a whole Lifthawk to itself, and of course, it’s not cheap coming in at 120 points, however it certainly won’t disappoint and with 15 armour and 5 damage points, it’s not easily removed. If you can spare the points you can take 2 of them in a Squad! Truly obscene amounts of shots at anything unlucky enough to be caught in their way.

Go to our webstore now to pick up your M5 Napoleon and tear the enemy to shreds with bullets,


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