2 Nov 2019

Sherman Skink AA Tank from Combat Group Dynamix

The guns of this model can be elevated but not in sync. They can be moved individually. The turret can be rotated.

Skink AA - This was developed by Canada in 1944 as a self-propelled anti aircraft vehicle to defend the Allied columns during and after the Normandy invasion. It was armed with 4 20mm cannon with a cast turret, to be mounted on Canadian built cast hull Sherman M4A1 chassis, Grizzly I. Only three vehicles were completed when the Allies realized that they have already achieved air supremacy. The project was cancelled in April 1944 before D-Day. But the sole completed Skink sent to Britain for testing did saw action serving in 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade, and entered combat on 4 February in support of the 6th Canadian Armoured Regiment north of Nijmegen bridge; and in December supporting the 22nd Canadian Armoured Regiment in the Hochwald Forest.

Sherman Skink AA Tank

Sherman Skink AA Tank picture 1

Sherman Skink AA Tank picture 2

Sherman Skink AA Tank picture 3

Sherman Skink AA Tank picture 4

Combat Group Dynamix

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