12 Nov 2019

4 British Softskins from Pithead Miniatures

Four more British softskins from the early to late war periods. The first is the specialised Bedford QLB Bofors AA gun tractor with the gun in a travelling mode, then we have the American built DUKW followed by the Leyland Retriever radio truck which was used used by the Brigade and Divisional HQ’s of mechanised units throughout the war and finally the Morris version of the Bofors AA gun tractor the CDSW which went to France with the BEF and served in up until the end of the war.

These models are all made in resin with metal parts so the DUKW can be sanded down to make it into a waterline version.

4 British Softskins

4 British Softskins

Pithead Miniatures

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