28 May 2020

10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

Cromarty Forge 10mm are proud to announce our third 10mm army: The Pictish Woodlanders. The Woodlanders follow on the heels of the successfully funded Samurai ratmen, and Vampire Vikings. These highly detailed lead free pewter and resin models have been digitally sculpted, 3D printed, and test cast. With your support we can move to production casting, and put these models in your hands and on your table tops.

If you help fund this project you will receive a set of highly detailed 10mm Pictish Woodlanders models cast in lead-free pewter and high quality resin. All models are supplied unpainted, and without bases.

Select one of the reward tiers to the right to purchase Trees. To add additional Trees please add multiples of £9 to the base pledge level. You can select your units using the survey that will be sent at the end of the Kickstarter, most units cost one Tree, where more Trees are needed this is identified in the unit image below.

As a gesture of thanks, if you purchased Items from my Shop, or from the 10mm Ratmen kickstarter, or the Vampire Vikings Kickstarter, you can add one free Tree to your pledge.

To streamline this kickstarter I have used Kickstarter's inbuilt postage and packaging.

There is a gallery of the miniatures available here.

All models are supplied unpainted and without bases. The Raptors, Tree Women and Wood Dragon are resin models, all other models are made from lead free pewter. Models contain small and sharp elements. 12+ recommended.  If successfully funded, all models here will become available at my shop after pledges have been sent out.

As the campaign progresses I will add to the list of stretch goals, all stretch goals will be additions to the hero pack.

Thanks to your support, I am happy to say that the guards above will be added as a free expansion to the Hero's pack.

Thanks to your support, I am happy to say that the Standards above will be added as a free expansion to the Hero's pack.

Thanks to your support, I am happy to say that the Musicians above will be added as a free expansion to the Heros pack.

If the campaign reaches £3000, the Centrad hero will be added to the Hero pack.

If the project achieves £3500, the centrad Banner bearer will be added to the hero pack.

Laura Jeacock, for the artwork that fuelled  the range, thank you!

All my backers on the Samurai ratmen, and Vampire Vikings, thank you for your support in making these ranges possible.

Scotia Grendel: Although there have been less biscuits and more phone calls during lock down it has not changed your level of support. Once again you have my thanks for making this possible.

Ross Paton of Forth Valley Wargamers: For the huge amount of work that you have done on tabletop simulator. You have made it possible for me to play the game I love with my friends during lockdown. Looking forwards to North of the Wall when it becomes possible for us to play face to face again.

Warmaster Podcast: For keeping us going through the dark days.

Andy Meechan: For your continued fantastic and priceless attention to detail you will always have my thanks.

Theo Andrew: Thanks for the support and ideas, thanks for the games and laughs.

Risks and challenges
The design and testing phase of this project are complete, the miniatures shown here are examples of the final lead-free pewter and resin models. Your support of this Kickstarter will fund the move to production and manufacturing of these miniatures. The remaining risks associated with this project concern manufacturing and distribution:
- Scotia Grendel (a company with over 30 years experience in casting of metal miniatures) will be handling the manufacturing.

- I have eighteen years experience in delivering large scale time critical projects.
- Depending on how well the campaign goes, I will either be completing the packing and distribution myself, or using the services of Scotia Grendel.

Delivery dates include a healthy margin on the anticipated timeline for manufacturing and distribution, I have increased the time margin to try and account for the potential impact of COVID 19 on delivery and manufacturing timelines. As with the Samurai Ratmen, and the Vampire Vikings it is my intention to deliver all orders well ahead of the stated dates.

Cromarty Forge

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