6 May 2020

Project Update #20: BOT WAR Miniature Game, Kickstarter from Traders Galaxy

Bot War is an 8mm human scale skirmish game with models ranging in size from 8mm up to 120mm

Overlords, Infesters and Squidlorr, oh my!

Hi All,

Today is the first day in 3 days that I have managed to be able to get on the pc for more than 10 minutes.  I have somehow got a bulging disc in my lower back, ouch!, and have been flat on my stomach in pain for the most part of 3 days :D.  Typical luck for it to happen on a 3 day weekend! lol.

So, because of effective pain killers, I get 2 updates today :)

Some people had asked for more miniature pictures.  I don't actually have many physical models yet for any of the models in the game.  I do have a couple being printed locally but they will not be at the quality of the resin production miniatures.   Simply because of local printer vs super expensive manufacturer printer :).  I will still show these in a future update anyway when they are ready.

However, no one would have yet seen physical prints of the Gators for Overlords!  And no one would have seen a group shot of the Overlords faction!!  You can easily see the size of the prototype Squidlorr print, even if I only managed to blutack in place just 2 of his 8 tentacles :).   Squidlorr makes for some particularly fun narrative games of Bot War.  Giant mutant squid terrorising the city?  Now that's the stuff fun games are made of!!

It should be noted that these models are not the production resin miniatures so backers should expect to receive better sharper quality miniatures of these same designs.



Traders Galaxy

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