4 May 2020

Peninsular Napoleonics Not-Kickstarter, Buildings & Flags Unlocked from Pendraken Miniatures

Peninsular Napoleonics Not-Kickstarter, Buildings and Flags Unlocked from Pendraken Miniatures

We've now unlocked the mediterranean buildings as well! This adds another 12 items to the planned ranges:

SCN-NAP1 Small house, type 1
SCN-NAP2 Small house, type 2
SCN-NAP3 Small house, type 3
SCN-NAP4 Large house, type 1
SCN-NAP5 Large house, type 2
SCN-NAP6 Villa/chateau
SCN-NAP7 Tavern
SCN-NAP8 Church
SCN-NAP9 Hermitage
SCN-NAP10 Windmill
SCN-NAP11 Cemetery
SCN-NAP12 Accessories (fountain, shrine, troughs)

We're well on our way to the £5k target now where we'll add new command figures for all of our Naps ranges:

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