17 May 2020

Project Update #23: BOT WAR Miniature Game, Kickstarter from Traders Galaxy

Bot War is an 8mm human scale skirmish game with models ranging in size from 8mm up to 120mm

Bot War Webstore Preorders and Crowdfunding Open 1st of June

To all those who would love to continue to support this project,

On the 1st of June I will be back up and running at full capacity again.  To celebrate getting back on my feet, I have added some great faction army deals for some of the awesome resin models already in stock.  Likewise, you may wish to check out the existing resin Starter Set so you can get into playing the game straight away.

I have also added a preorder army deal for all the amazing Democracy Special Branch vehicles from this Kickstarter AND my first mini-crowdfund for the awesome Deceiver models from this Kickstarter!

All the resin Army Deals and the current Starter Set represent some great value to get into playing Bot War!

Please click the link to the Webstore and check them all out.  www.tradersgalaxy.com.au

Bot War is a fun game simple enough to play with your kids but is also deep enough to challenge hardened tournament gamers.  It's all about how you want to play it.

Kind regards,


Current Bot War Starter Set - Second Edition

Current Bot War Starter Set - Second Edition

Traders Galaxy

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