8 May 2020

1/144 Morser Karl mit Munitionsschlepper auf Panzer IV from Dragon Models

The Mörser Karl, a German self-propelled siege mortar used during World War II, was a huge piece of weaponry. However, Dragon’s 1/144 Mini Armor series brings the Mörser Karl down to a more approachable size in its latest kit releases. Whereas Item 14132 represents a Mörser Karl configured for rail transport, this Item 14135 offers something different yet equally appealing. Because of the enormous size of the rounds that the mortar fired, each Mörser Karl was allotted 2-3 tracked carriers to move ammunition to the gun, which were used in combat from 1941-45 on both the Eastern and Western Fronts. Each of these Munitionsschlepper für Karl-Gerät could carry four rounds on their superstructure.

This unassembled 1/144 scale kit in the Mini Armor series comes in either a dark yellow or panzer gray plastic color, so this can make the presentation or painting of the vehicles easier for modelers in a hurry. Furthermore, the kit provided the option of either a 54cm or 60cm mortar barrel. Though figures are not included, this mortar is accompanied by the aforementioned Munitionsschlepper auf Panzer IV, which comes with a full complement of four giant mortar shells and an extended crane. To complete the scene is a bonus length of railway track and a Flatbed Typ Ommr.

Morser Karl mit Munitionsschlepper auf Panzer IV

Morser Karl mit Munitionsschlepper auf Panzer IV

Dragon Models

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