3 May 2020

Paul Smith, Sculptor

Paul Smith, Sculptor


Hi, my name is Paul and im a freelance sculptor of bespoke miniatures. I do different scales,styles and genres - from 6mm through to 28mm miniatures and upwards including 28-90mm+. Love a challenge- and pretty eclectic in my taste of genres from Oldhammer to steampunk - sci-fi and fantasy -horror and pixies .... or just plain weird. I do love sculpting, so if you have a character-monster-bust you'd love to have made for you or you want help creating your own range of miniatures, then please contact me via email at -


Enquiries will be answered as soon as possible, please note that I work during the day sculpting! so I will usually respond by early evening - workload allowing.

To make things happen quicker for you a general succinct and brief description of what you want including - height/scale, amount of detail, multi-parts etc - and, if possible a basic black pen drawing - will greatly speed up the process for you and create a clearer idea of what you want me to do.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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