21 Oct 2019

NORTHAG Q&A from Plastic Soldier Company

NORTHAG Q&A from Plastic Soldier Company

Following up on this weekends Battlegroup NorthAG launch, the Commander-in-Chief has taken the time to gather up as many of the queries he could find and tried to answer as many here as he could!


1 - Can I use liquid poly to glue these plastics ?

The new plastic bonds with Superglue. We have been using Gorilla glue that gives a little setting time allowing time to resit parts if required. Turrets can be left unglued and most seated with their turret plug.

2 - Can we see pics of the infantry figures?

Yes... very soon. These will be scaled down versions of our 15mm sculpts.

3 - Will you do helicopters/planes?

It's being considered...

4 - Will Chieftain kit have both turrets?


5 - Will figures be single piece in 10mm?


7 - Will any of the items be made available in 15mm?

Maybe... ;)

8 - When will we see sprue shots?

The Chieftain shot posted on Friday is how they will come on an individual sprue. Once we have more finalised moulds made we will showcase each model.

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