7 Oct 2019

After discussion from Traders Galaxy

After discussion from Traders Galaxy

As many of you know Bot War has a tumultuous early history and has been rebooted twice in 2 years.

After discussion with the mod team we have decided that posting of first edition models causes too much confusion for new members and potentially restricting the growth of Bot War.

It is with great regret that this course is the only one that makes sense right now. I realise that its a bed that for the most part I made for myself and it is with a lot of humility that I make this call. Long term members will know that I prefer to conduct my social media with often brutal honesty and once again i place my trust in you, my group members and customers to forgive my shortfalls.

As always, I fully appreciate my customers both past and current (which makes this decision much more difficult), and give a special thanks to my mod team for their support.

Cheers Ant

Traders Galaxy

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