19 Oct 2019

CAV KS3 Update from Talon Games

CAV KS3 Update from Talon Games

CAV KS3 Update: 18 October, 2019

And a Happy “Not Monday” to you all! Several things to cover in this update including (so make sure to READ the parts pertinent to you!):

- Open Pledges Remaining
- Shipping Invoices (US and CA backers only)
- Shipping Invoices (RoW)
- Where’s my stuff? Update

Open Pledges Remaining

We still have a few backers that we DO NOT HAVE a closed-out pledge for whatever reason. This means YOU WILL NOT get your rewards when we start final fulfilment and you risk NOT RECEIVING ANYTHING if we can’t get this resolved in a timely manner. So, PLEASE, PLEASE… if your KS Backer Name is on this list, email us today at custserv(at)talon-games(dot)com so we can get you locked in!!!

John Robert Lord
Jamie Blackman
Jeff Gregory
Justin Burr
John Mahaffy
Larry Shuping
Carey Delay
Dimiter Kolev
Ric Mohri
Steve Salotti
Devon Harmon
Michael McMillen
Roger Hooten
William V. Grand
Jeff Logan
Justin Rodriguez
Mark Blanchard
Kimberly Rowland
Chris Mikucki
Thomas Davis
George Terry
Joseph E Blake
B (Yes, the letter “B”)

Shipping Invoices (US and CA backers only)

At this time, we have sent out all the shipping invoices to our US and CA backers. If you haven’t received one yet from PayPal, email us today at custserv(at)talon-games(dot)com so we can get that fixed. If you have received one and haven’t paid yet, no worries but it must be paid BEFORE we start fulfilment (see below) if you want your rewards the same time as everyone else. Last time I looked there are about 90 US people remaining. Canada just went out today, so be on the lookout in your inbox!

Shipping Invoices (RoW)

For everyone else, we are still trying to get all our numbers in so we can get it as close as possible. Everything goes out on a pallet to UK or AU and then our partners forward from there. For the EU, we are still waiting on what the final Brexit is going to look like so we know how to even ship your stuff.

Where’s My Stuff? Update

Everything has been manufactured, boxed, and ready to go since the middle of September but for whatever reasons (none of which are our fault…really), they have not been put on a ship till this week. They are now loaded and are EXPECTED to set “sail” on the 20th of October with a final delivery to our warehouse no later than November 17th.

Reaper has the paint all done and we have received all the planes from TrenchWorx and our Dropship Pilot rewards are due over the next two weeks. Once all the rest of the models are in hand and sorted, we will start fulfilment and final shipment.

Have a great weekend!

Talon Games

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