25 Oct 2019

New Resin Vehicles from Timecast

We are pleased to announce that the Chieftain Mk5/9 and the T64B are currently going into production as resin models (superceding the older metal cast models). The larger components will he cast in polyurethane resin which offers excellent detail combined with light weigh!. with the smaller components cast in white metal.

Chieftain Mk5/9 and the T64B

We are also in the process remastering the BMPs (BMP-1. BMP-2 and BMP Ml976/2. the ZSU 23-4 and the ACRV for resin production. These will be released shortly.

Next we have two new American vehicles on the way - the Bradley M2 IFV/M3 CFV and the M60A3 tank.The Bradley is currently in the process at being moulded and the M60A3 is to follow shortly.

Finally, design work is well underway on the next range of Cold War models - the West German
Bundeswehr. The initial models will include the infantry. plus several armoured vehicles.


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