20 Oct 2019

80 Point Trasher List from Traders Galaxy

80 Point Trasher List from Traders Galaxy

Ok so what do you guys think about this 80 point Trasher list?

Chopper -20
Basher - 9
Dust up - 9
Dicer - 10
Scraper - 8
Wrecker - 12
Faceoff -7
Generator 1 - 5

80 points exactly

Pumps out 18 cubes across 7 fighting models.

Chopper covers the skies and helps keep tge enemy heads down with his ground to air missiles.

Beatup has his valuable repair rule

Dust ups SR1 and combat mace is super handy

Dicer could change but 8 damage is nice

Scraper is actually ok for the points and may actually shoot something (doubt it). But great for protecting objectives

Face off, another cheap bot. Good survival with a shield

Wrecker great bot with shield and axe.

Generator- because i need the cubes

Traders Galaxy

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