31 Oct 2019

Cadmia Model Ceases To Be Available from Traders Galaxy

Well this is it, last day of October!

Tomorrow the Cadmia model ceases to be available!!



Tomorrow the painting challenge starts!

Looking back in October it had been a bit of a month for delays. Which has been a bit frustrating. But i guess you get that. Because of these frustrating delays I am late showing the November exclusive, late getting Max Star and Mirror Warriors sorted. Late getting Overlords released, late getting Builders released, late with the final Trashers set and late getting Valiant cassettes released. Basically my whole release schedule this year is in a shambles.

Looking forward to November, i am hoping that a bunch of new players take the Bot War plunge so I can ship in time for Chrissy. Please don't leave it to last minute as it makes it more difficult to get out on time.

Traders Galaxy

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