15 Oct 2019

Monday Motivation – A Hobby Hero.

Monday Motivation – A Hobby Hero.

This weeks Monday Motivation was sent in by Darren Young. He has started running some demos of Dropzone Commander in his local store and built an amazing board to do the demos on.

We love it when players put their passion into the game and use it to get others playing.  He is using the cardboard buildings to make a real eye catching gaming board. He has covered the buildings in lichen to make them look abandoned, and the board itself has different levels for really interesting gameplay. Exactly what you want for Dropzone Commander.

The board, the scenery and the models he is using for the demos can all be packed up into boxes too. This makes it easier for him to set up and pack up his demo kit, maximising game time.

The photos he sent in of his first demo night look great and it looks like everyone had a great time.


Darren is running demos at Huscarls hobbies and games in Topeka, Kansas for the next few Mondays. Well done Darren and for being such a hero of the hobby we’ve sent you some faction dice to take the demos up a notch.

If you have a project you are proud of the please send it into us at info@ttcombat.com. And if this has motivated you to try Dropzone Commander than have a look at our Webstore.

Or if you are think you could do this and start attracting new players for the TTCombat Game you play, have a look at our scenics range to build a board:


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