23 Oct 2019

WiP Wednesday! DZC Restocks

WiP Wednesday! DZC Restocks

Today we have a look at what Fin has on his painting desk!

I know that Dropzone players have been waiting patiently whilst we remake moulds for existing units. The good news is that starting in a couple of weeks we will have regular restocks as well as a couple of surprises!

What do we have here today though? Looks like a Broadsword!

Looks like a Broadsword

This one is straight out of the resin room after being remastered. Eagle eyed readers amongst you will notice a new weapon. This makes a variant called the Claymore. Both of these will be released in a blister at the same time.

We’re super excited to have Dropzone models come back into stock and would like to thank the community for being so patient!

To be the first to know whats coming out, keep an eye on TTCommunity, don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments!


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