17 Oct 2019

Project Update #27: Infernal Chaos Dwarfs & Hobgoblins Miniatures, Kickstarter from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Project Update #27: Infernal Chaos Dwarfs & Hobgoblins Miniatures, Kickstarter from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Hobgoblins and evil dwarf miniatures in 10mm and 28mm scales.

Update important

Update important

Hi all sorry for lack of update been, I've been sick with a bad infection, feeling much better still feel off due to antibiotics and very busy attempting not to fall to far behind. Apologies for not posting this a few days ago but wasn't up to it.

First, we have decided to put up the 10mm and 28mm hobgoblin spoils barriers for free for everyone! We apologise greatly for the lateness of uploading. Files never properly synced to Google Drive and we needed to rebuild it from earlier stage.   LINK BELOW


Second, we have had some changes in our company structure. Yaakov has decided due to personal reasons to go from full time to part time working for DYM. He will be staying on in a more limited compactly but this will affect our output speed as I am doing now most of work. To help supplement this I have already brought on several freelancers and am looking to bring several more sculptors and graphic artists on board in near future to help. Which brings us to our next point

Due to physically now only having myself most days for physical work and company’s expanding commitments ; I have chosen to make a limited agreement with  Impulse Miniatures to help us cast and mold for us . I have had years of interaction with them and they will allow us to grow and meet our obligations. They also have tools and abilities for production that surpass our own including plastic injection. (For future models, KS will be in metal as promised) .

We feel a need to speed up production of the KS lines. We have fallen behind and are aware of this. Part of this is due to unforeseen issues. Making the molds, getting the prototypes correct, revisions and other obligations have put us further behind than planned. This will allow us to get stuff out to you still in a timely manner. We have already added several freebees due to unforeseen delays and there will be more free stuff to come by way of thank you. We will not make you keep waiting like most KS  do without updates and rewards for delays. More to come.

Third, We have about 30 more models done up ready to go after KS orders have been completed. We also have a zombie game, 15mm scifi and ww2 board game which we plan on releasing once KS is done. One of these is nearly done and two are in works, We have kept to our promises of not adding extra lines till we have fulfilled orders and will continue to do so. We are still taking commissions for sculpting as this isn’t affecting output speed.

Fourth, we are planning on getting out the 10mm stuff within a few weeks’ time. May take a little longer. We are looking at a month to two for the 28mm as said we will continue to add freebie to make up for this delays .We are hoping to get done sooner may but take a little longer. We do not wish to mislead anyone.

Fifth, please don’t forget to enter our prize drawing for some stuff on our Facebook page link below. Ends in two days!!! Don’t forget to enter dozens of ways from good deeds to ideas .

enter our prize drawing

Finally, There are still a few invoices I haven’t sent out, I apologise for this , we put on the back burner to focuses on more pressing tasks. This should be finished up this week.

Thank you again for all your support and we hope to see pictures of people’s army’s painted up soon.

Ari Isaac & Team

Dancing Yak Miniatures

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