29 Jan 2014

Bend Sinister Miniatures

Bend Sinister Miniatures


What's the story?
Bend Sinister is the home for a varied range of miniatures, from Ancient confused Generals right through to spacemen. We have a carefully cultured selection, blended to perfection to provide the ardent connoisseur with all they require for a pleasant afternoons gaming apart from the port and cigars.

New Redline

New Redline 10mm British foot artillery crews with stovepipe shako. Ideal for the peninsular!
More new releases coming soon.
Next up French foot artillery crews.

Our ranges
Currently we have five ranges of figures available in our shop section.

Bend Sinister
A varied collection of strange and obscure items collected during my travels through the years.

A lot of the things in here are items I've needed to play various games.


A range of 10mm Napoleonic figures. This range has been purchased from Mark Rowsell of Flashing Blade. I will be adding to the catalogue during 2009.


A range of N scale WWII miniatures, concentrating on the early war Blitzkrieg period. This is something I started whilst running BoltAction. I really hope to add to the catalogue this year, at least to embellish the Polish range during 2009. It has spent at least two years on the back burner whilst BAM was taking all my spare time.

10mm Marlburian figures suitable for all those succession wars.

My name is Simon Bargery, I used to run BoltAction miniatures with Paul Hicks, this place is my new venture.

I play a lot of DBA, some Hott, Warmaster, Warmaster Ancients, CWC, BKC, Wings of war, Air wars and Victory at Sea. I'm looking to learn as much as I can about Napoleonics and to sample as many of the rules that are available.

Napoleonic range has been sold to The Baggagetrain

Eastern Europe, buildings
Napoleonic, Austrian, British, Brunswick, Dutch , French, Prussian, Russian
Marlburian, British
Spanish, buildings
World War II, Polish

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Simon Bargery


Bend Sinister Miniatures
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