20 Dec 2018

News from Hysterical Games

Apologies for the radio silence but we needed to concentrate on things behind the scenes to do what was needed to sort out Hysterical Games urgent debts and see what we could do to rescue the Kickstarters.

The former we have mostly done by selling off our mould making equipment etc which unfortunately meant we had to lay off the two members of staff employed by Hysterical (fortunately they have both found new jobs).

This, however, does not leave us with any money that is needed to finish the Kickstarters.

Now, as we are sure most of you realise, Kickstarter is an investment platform and there are no guarantees that projects will be completed (indeed of the many we have personally backed, a few still remain unfulfilled and we suspect never will be).

However, both of us wanted to see if there was anyway we could try and ensure your investments were realised as much as possible and see the Kickstarters completed.

We have looked at various options, including selling the miniatures lines to a third party, but as it will cost several thousand pounds still to complete the Kickstarters, whilst there was interest in taking the miniatures line, there was, unsurprisingly, little in completing the Kickstarters for backers.

So we have decided to transfer the IP back to Wessex Games (Steve's original company which brought out Panzerfäuste in 1998) along with the miniatures line and through sales generated from them, Wessex Games will then attempt to fulfil the Kickstarters to the best of their ability.

Unfortunately there is no magic money tree and Steve doesn’t have a pile of cash sat around to do this quickly so it will take some time, dependent on how quickly he can can raise funds at shows and through mail order. However his intention is to do his best to finish the Kickstarters off as quickly as he can and as well as possible.

At present everything related to the miniatures side is in a storage locker in Bristol and Steve hopes over the festive period to sit down and go through the various boxes of mixed up stuff to sort out what we have and draw up a plan to get everything done as soon as possible.

Wessex Games is a part-time, one man company, and he does have a full-time day job that pays the household bills, so please bear with him as he works through this, there will be periods of radio silence and he will not be able to respond to emails, PM's etc very quickly (if at all).

Hopefully you see this as positive news and hopefully 2019 will be a positive year for both Panzerfäuste and Spitfyre.

Wishing you all a great Christmas and New Year…

Hysterical Games

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