11 Dec 2018

Wargames Illustrated 375, January 2019

Wargames Illustrated 375, January 2019

Wargames Illustrated WI375 January Edition is out in stores today and comes with a FREE Cruel Seas sprue for the upcoming Cruel Seas game from Warlord Games - Order yours today!

Observation post

A special look at what we ‘Spotted At’… the Crisis show in Antwerp plus four more pages of what’s new and worth knowing about from elsewhere.

Theme: Four Corners of the World

Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray begins our Empire Building theme by charting the Rise of Persia under Cyrus the Great, one of the great Empires of the ancient world. Bill provides a guide to their army composition, tactics and use on the tabletop.

Painting Cruel Seas Torpedo Boats

A quick brushwork guide to painting our recent freebie Warlord Games Cruel Seas MTBs, PTs and S-Boats.

Theme: The Ultimate Empire?

Simon MacDowall continues our theme content with a look at the rise of the Roman Empire and the many wargaming opportunities offered by seven centuries of constant expansion.

Of Scaffolds and Alcohol Baths

We recently visited 4Ground, to investigate their recent ‘sideways’ move from the world of laser cut MDF to “the future of miniature manufacture”: 3D printing.

Theme: The Punishment of God

Pete Brown champions Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes as a great wargaming army, with ideas on how they could be represented on the tabletop.

Designer’s Notes: Albedo Combat Patrol, Acp164

Chris Abbey of Sally 4th explains the background and design features of this new game based upon Buck Surdu’s Combat Patrol system and Steve Gallacci’s comics.

Theme: Manden Kurufaba The Malian Empire

Dom Sore presents a pre-gunpowder African empire that often slips through the gaps of history.

The Race Across Idlib Province

Over the last two years Adrian Shepard and friends have presented some show stopping games at the Colours wargames show in Newbury and this year was no exception. Continuing their battles in the Middle East during World War One, at this year’s event they presented ‘The Race Across Idlib Province’.

“A Stiff Fight”

Bob Giglio introduces us to the adventures of Dunsterforce, and provides a unique scenario in support of his new book focusing on their exciting and exotic actions in a largely forgotten corner of The Great War.

“How To… Make Mines”

Paul Davies shows us how to make model 1/300th mines, for use with Cruel Seas or any other naval wargame.

The Battle of Oudenarde, 1708 Part 2: 15mm

In his first article on the battle of Oudenarde, Simon MacDowall described the historical battle and his wargame recreation of the opening moves. In this second article, he details how he set up a game representing the latter stages of the battle and describes how it played out.

Arnhem In Arnhem

Chris Brown tells us about his annual pilgrimage to Arnhem, in the Netherlands armed with boxes of toy soldiers and rendezvousing with like-minded gamers for some BIG Bolt Action.

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