5 Dec 2018

Medieval Warfare VIII-6, Jan-Feb 2019

Medieval Warfare VIII-6, Jan-Feb 2019

Issue VIII-6 of Medieval Warfare just went off to the printer a few days ago. This last issue of volume 8 (time sure flies doesn't it) is focused exclusively on King Louis IX of France and his attempt to conquer Egypt during the Seventh Crusade.

Theme: Louis IX and the Seventh Crusade

Peter Konieczny, 'The King of France sails to the Middle East - Louis IX goes on crusade'.
Randall Moffett, 'The infantry in the Seventh Crusade - Louis' foot soldiers'.
Peter Konieczny, 'Landing on the beaches - The Battle of Damietta'.
Niall Christie, 'The Sultana of Egypt - Shajar al-Durr'.
Peter Konieczny, 'Victory and disaster along the Nile - The Battle of Mansura'.
Adam Ali, 'The slaves that ruled an empire - Mighty mamluks'.
Peter Konieczny, 'Destruction of the crusader army in Egypt - Two rulers fall'.
William Chester Jordan, 'Louis IX deals with defeat - Etiam Reges: "Even kings"'.
Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'From blades to pommels - Swords of the crusaders'.


Murray Dahm, 'Warfare in the films of Shakespeare's plays - The game's afoot

Medieval Warfare

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