1 Dec 2018

10mm Samurai Range from Fogg of War Miniatures

Some pictures of the Fogg of War Samurai range which we hope to have in production under our own name soon.

Samurai Range

Samurai Range picture 1

Samurai Range picture 2

Samurai Range picture 3

Samurai Range picture 4

The ranges for which I'll picture soon will be Mongols and Chinese Warring States. There are number of other ranges which are in the the process of being finished.

As a new business we are trying to get catalogues, website sorted but firstly we have to get our two moulding machines certified for operation.

We will keep you informed of progress as soon as we can. Please let me know what you think of the pictures. All thoughts and opinions will be welcome. Also any ideas or thoughts on other ranges you would like us to consider please let us know

Fogg of War Miniatures

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