9 Mar 2015

New 10mm Carthaginians

New 10mm Carthaginians

We have added the following Ancients to our range of 10mm figures:

10CA01 – African Heavy Infantry
10CA02 – Libyan Heavy Infantry
10CA03 – African Heavy Cavalry
10CA04 – Carthaginian Elephants
10NU01 – Numidian Infantry
10NU02 – Numidian Cavalry
10SP01 – Spanish Scutarii
10SP02 – Spanish Caetratii
10SP03 – Spanish Cavalry
10SP04 – Balearic Slingers
10SP05 – Celtiberian Scutarii
10SA01 – Samnite Infantry
10R07 – Numidian/Moorish Light Cavalry
10CE04 – Celtic Slingers

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