26 Oct 2017

Ancient History Magazine 13, Nov-Dec 2017

Ancient History Magazine 13, Nov-Dec 2017

Ancient History Magazine 13 with everyday life in Pompeii

From food and architecture to graffiti and sanitation, in this issue, we explore the daily realities for Romans living in this famous ancient city before its destruction.

Theme: Everyday life in Pompeii

Sandra Alvarez, 'Historical introduction - A slumbering giant awakens'.
Julie Ackroyd, '"Mercator says hello" - Graffiti in Pompeii'.
Sophie Hay, 'A small neighbourhood in Pompeii - Home sweet home'.
Ray Laurence, 'Roman childhood and adolescence - Growing up in Pompeii'.
Kate Trusler, 'Finding a toilet in Pompeii - Where's the loo?'.
Jessica Venner, 'Diet, drink, and daily life in Pompeii - What's for dinner?'.
Ingrid Rowland, 'The rediscovery and romanticism of Pompeii - Lost but not forgotten'.
Danielle Trynoski, 'Ancient History travels - The hidden glories of Pompeii'.


Alexandra Grigorieva, 'Roman cuisine for new Barbarian kings - Bringing home the bacon'.
Danièle Cybulskie, 'Donations and giving in ancient Rome - Blessed are the poor?'.
Sandra Alvarez, 'A new exhibit of Scythian culture - Warriors of the steppes'.
David L. Reinke, 'Rome's best-known general on screen - Cinema Caesars'.

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