4 Oct 2017

SOTCW Journal 94, Oct-Nov 2017

SOTCW Journal 94, Oct-Nov 2017

The Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers is happy to announce that Journal 94 has been sent to members. The print versions have been posted, and the PDF versions are available to download as usual.


The Battle of Marne – Refight: Exeter 13 May 2017
Spanner in the Works – Luftwaffe Infrared Equipment
Notes on Spanish Civil War TO and Es – Part Four – The CTV (Support units and Blackshirts)
Fritz – A survivor of the German training flight programme
Series 78 Standard Units – World War II
Red and Gray – Part Six – The Lovat Line – Final eastern front scenarios for Spearhead 41-43
The Joy Of Hex – Gaming on a Hex Grid
Operation Sealion – My Dad's part in it's downfall
The Dictionary of Imaginary Places – ……and its maps
Coup de Main…or Coup de Grâce? – French AAR
Meet The Members – Rob Morgan
There's more to Youtube than videos of cats – Items of interest on the video channel
Modern Series 78 Units – Part 2 of Bob Setchell's article
The Great War in the Black Sea – More musings from Rob Morgan

The Armoury
Little Warriors
Rob's Rearguard


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