4 Oct 2017

Modern Armor 2nd Edition

Modern Armor 2nd Edition

Modern Armor 2nd Edition revised with extended vehicle listings and adjustments for "ultra modern" combat.

This rule system evolved from many play sessions of WRG’s “Wargames Rules 1950–2000,” Advanced Squad Leader, Panzertruppe, and so on. The objective is a fast moving game that provides verisimilitude, and addresses basic problems present in many games with reaction to enemy actions. The figure scale is a single vehicle or squad of infantry, with a turn covering (very) roughly five minutes of combat. The rules are written to allow hex or map measurement, with one unit of distance equaling 50 meters. Typical scale is 1”=50m as a decent compromise between the scale of micro-armor figures and playing spaces.

Modern combat is extremely lethal, with the first to detect usually scores hits or kills. Ranges have grown immensely since World War II, where most tank combat was under 700 meters. Avigdor Kahalani famously engaged the Syrians in the Golan Heights during the Yom Kippur War at 3000 meters, and ranges stretched out even further in the Gulf War as computer-assisted fire control came into combat. Artillery support has become ever more mobile and fast reacting, with radar-assisted counter-battery fire. Air support is more nimble, too, especially once laser-guided munitions become commonplace.

Core concepts are the alternating player turn, detection, and defensive fire during the active player’s movement, and cohesion.

Included in this title:

Complete Rule System, including vehicle and equipment charts covering 1945 to the present day.
Combat Tables
Game Counters and Artillery Templates
Sample historical scenarios
This game is related to Armored Fist, combined arms rule system for World War Two combat.

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