27 Oct 2017

Forests for 2mm, 6mm, 10mm & 15mm Wargames

One-piece tree canopies in a range of styles and seasons for the 2mm, 6mm, 10mm or 15mm wargamer. For Winter too!!

Forests can be represented on the wargames table in a number of ways. Each have their own pros and cons.

Single trees on bases are cheap and allow gamers to admire their miniatures, even when hiding in cover. However, if model trees are permanently attached to a forest footprint, placement of larger units can be difficult. Even if weighted, individually based tree models are prone to toppling over with a domino effect on other trees or snagging on miniatures.

Besides, from the gamer's view of the tabletop (similar to hovering hundreds of metres above the landscape), all but the most sparse of wooded areas appear as undulating unbroken swathes of vegetation.

My tree canopy style representations of forests (as opposed to highly detailed and accurate tree models) will bring a practical and aesthetic dense forest effect to your 3mm, 6mm, 10mm & 15mm wargaming tables.

Pledging for additional sets will of course, greatly add to the variety of foliage and appearance of the tabletop scenery in larger games.

Don't forget that the reward level forest styles listed can be customized when the project goes ahead, for instance to request either the triangular or rectangular shapes or the Frosty/Snowy types for Winter campaigns.

Product Description

There are three tree canopy sections in each hand made set, cut from a single 15cm x 15cm piece of tree canopy material (just over 6" square), which is just enough for the smallest of skirmish games.

'Deciduous' and 'evergreen' three and four sided styles (pictured rather closer together than normal!)
There are two kinds of shaped woods available for variation: three sided and four sided, although they are trimmed to have undulating edges for a natural look. (As they are handmade, straight sided plantations could be easily produced in addition to other custom requirements).

A view under the tree canopy.The wood on the right is set up to be sited on a gradient.
Originally designed for 6mm gaming, there is at least 25mm of adjustable clearance underneath the tree canopies for your miniatures with the standard 'tree trunk' supports. (For 15mm gamers, or if using troops with standard bearers or AFVs with whip aerials, taller supports may be better, which can be supplied). Not every tree trunk is specifically represented with these forests, only the minimum number to provide stability and adequate headroom. If the forest is to be sited on a hillside they can be inserted into the vegetation at appropriate angles. Most importantly, these tree canopies can be lifted off the table without snagging on the miniatures underneath.

I do not use a 'footprint' for replacing the forests after lifting (for example, a felt cut out 'shadow') in my games as I find there are usually enough points of reference (especially once miniatures have moved underneath). This could be changed depending on feedback.

They are available in eight foliage styles for battles in any season which can be seen in the following sets and test mock-ups:


Deciduous foliage style
A standard tree with mid green leaves and using green branches for extra verdance.

Light Oak

Light Oak, again with 6mm miniatures for scale
Standard dark brown branches with light green 'Spring growth'

Dark Oak

Dark Oak triangular set
Standard deciduous leaves on dark brown branches.


Evergreen rectangular set
Blue-green pine effect foliage on dark branches. Pictured is a single colour test foliage which will be improved upon with variegation.

Early Autumn

Early Autumn wood
The leaves on the trees in this wood are just beginning to turn yellow.

Late Autumn

Late Autumn wood
Dark brown branches visible through yellow leaves. A more Copper Beech leaf colour is in development.


Trees in blossom
A darkish tree in flower (eg Sycamore, Rhodedendron).


Heavy Frost
It is envisaged that Frosty sets will vary in appearance, depending on pledge feedback and suggestions. Options could be from bare branches through a very light dusting all the way up to heavy frost (as shown), with a different effect on each forest section, or whatsoever the customer prefers.


An extension of the heavy frost level, branches will be almost completely covered by a thick layer of 'snow'.


So in the coming days, look out for news on planned improvements to the foliage on the evergreen and late Autumn ranges, better images for frosty & snowy mock ups.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.


I am intending to charge only for postage & packing at cost. With luck I will get some delivered for Christmas but for most it will be something to look forward to in the New Year!

UK signed: £5

Worldwide signed: £10-15 depending on destination & volume

Risks and challenges

These scenic items have been tried and tested in my wargames for a number of years, with no noticeable wear and tear.
Aside from making random shaped forest sections when developing the concept for my own use, I have timed the making of a few test sets, costed the materials and of course, shipping. Being self-employed, I can devote as much time as necessary for the completion of orders.
If all goes well, I hope to develop an extension range for 15mm-28mm miniatures.


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