25 Oct 2017

Four Against the Abyss

Four Against the Abyss

Four Against the Abyss, When standard dungeons do not pose much of a challenge anymore, your experienced heroes may want to go deeper, looking for greater rewards. Once all of your characters reach 5th level, you will want to start using this book!

This is an expansion to Four Against Darkness designed for character levels 5 to 9. It includes;

using a d8 for combat and saves
new monster reactions
new, more powerful, monsters
expert skills that your characters can learn
new spells for wizards and elves
rules for madness, vampirism and lycanthropy
details of hirelings and professionals your party can hire
plots for campaigns to link a series of dungeons
updates to all charts, including new monsters, encounters and treasures.
Take your party into the Abyss and step into the tier of experienced adventurers!

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