4 Oct 2017

Bloody Close Quarters

Bloody Close Quarters

Bloody Close Quarters, Miniatures Rules for Fighting the Last Desperate Moments of a Naval Battle in the Golden Age of Piracy

Both fleets are in ruins. Your ship is the only one left seaworthy on your side, though its sails are in tatters and its hull is badly damaged. The enemy is down to one ship as well - in the same precarious condition as yours. As you slowly drift past each other, exhausted, you frantically load your remaining cannons & position the handful of men who are still standing. The final battle has begun!

Bloody Close Quarters is a ship-to-ship combat game set in the Golden Age of Piracy - around the year 1700.  The game works best with 25-30mm figures, though it can be played with the counters provided. It lets you skip to the best part of a naval game - “bloody close quarters” ship-to-ship combat!

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